Man of God unclear on all the commandments

Man of God unclear on all the commandments
On a beach in Florida, he thought about savings

Maria Sicardo was a teacher in New York. When she retired, the New York City’s Teacher Retirement System sent her a pension of almost $241,000.

Victor Rosa was a pastor and landlord in New York.

Ms. Sicardo’s pension checks were being sent to a building he owns.

Problem was, Ms. Sicardo’s dead.

Mr. Victor Rosa, however, still received those checks, thanks to fake documents the retirement system received saying that Ms. Sicardo was still alive.

Mr. Rosa was seen on bank video footage cashing those checks, which he had been doing for ten years after she had died.

Customers said he would often preach about God to other customers while standing in line.

He’s now living in Florida, where he was arrested.

Pastor accused of cashing dead teacher’s pension checks, Reuters>>

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