Libyan opposition leaders sent secret coded messages on an online dating site

Libyan opposition leaders sent secret coded messages on an online dating site
Because the secret police monitored sites such as 
Twitter and Facebook, Omar Shibliy Mahmoudi 
tried a different approach

Where "I LLLLLove you, Jasmine!" does not mean what the censors think it means.

The Libyan businessman turned opposition leader said he was never politically active before, but as he watched revolutions topple governments in neighboring countries, he knew he needed to act.

So he created a Mawada profile (Mawadi is a marriage site similar to called "Where Is Miriam?" and pretended to be on the hunt for a wife.

The conservative site doesn’t allow men to communicate with other men, so other revolutionaries posed as women to contact him, assuming aliases like "Sweet Butterfly," "Opener of the Mountain," "Girl of the Desert" and "Melody of Torture."

To complete their profiles, they answered the site’s boilerplate questions, such as "How much of your face do you cover?" and "Would a shared marriage be acceptable?"

On the site, the revolutionaries used poetry laced with revolutionary references to gauge support and make initial contact. Then they had detailed follow-up conversations via text message and Yahoo Messenger.

The phrase "May your day be full of Jasmine," for example, is a coded reference to what’s been called the Jasmine Revolution sweeping the region, Mahmoudi told ABC News.

He said the response, "And the same to you. I hope you will call me" meant they were ready to begin.

If the undercover "lovers" wrote "I want love," it meant "I want liberty," Mahmoudi said.

They also communicated in code the number of their comrades supporting the revolution. The five Ls in the phrase "I LLLLLove you," for example, meant they had five people with them.

If a supporter wrote, ""My lady, how I want to climb this wall of silence. I want to tell the story of a million hurts. … But I am lost in a labyrinth. … Maybe we can meet on Yahoo messenger," it told the writer to migrate the chat to Yahoo Messenger so as not to raise the suspicion of the monitors, Mahmoudi said.

– Libya’s ‘Love Revolution’: Muslim Dating Site Seeds Protest, ABC News>>
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