Is this how to steal from a moving truck?

Is this how to steal from a moving truck?
"And then they must have cut the lock very quietly…"

As reported in the news:

At night on highways in the Ukraine, police caught a gang of thieves who would drive their car behind trucks which were traveling about 30 miles per hour. When they got very close, a thief would climb onto their car’s "specially reinforced hood", clip the truck’s lock with "wire-cutters", and pass the goods to his gang in the truck.

But is this true?

  • Could a car travel unobserved directly behind a moving truck at night?
  • With a thief balancing on a car hood?
  • And be steady enough to clip the lock with "wire-cutters"?
  • Then open the door so quietly the driver wouldn’t hear?
  • And have enough time to steal the cargo?

Or did they pay off the driver to stop the truck so they could steal from it, and then tell him: "Wait, to prove you’re innocent, we’ve got this great story for you to tell…"

So this is highway robbery? Reuters>>
Truck lock pic found at M. Gerwing>>

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One thought on “Is this how to steal from a moving truck?

  1. You are stupid. Just watch this clip from Romania which is not so evolved in crimes like Ukraine. And remember in Romanian Police is very good and very professional, for example Romanian Police filming this robbery with night-vision cam from helicopter.

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