Is this how to steal from a moving truck?

Is this how to steal from a moving truck?
"And then they must have cut the lock very quietly…"

As reported in the news:

At night on highways in the Ukraine, police caught a gang of thieves who would drive their car behind trucks which were traveling about 30 miles per hour. When they got very close, a thief would climb onto their car’s "specially reinforced hood", clip the truck’s lock with "wire-cutters", and pass the goods to his gang in the truck.

But is this true?

  • Could a car travel unobserved directly behind a moving truck at night?
  • With a thief balancing on a car hood?
  • And be steady enough to clip the lock with "wire-cutters"?
  • Then open the door so quietly the driver wouldn’t hear?
  • And have enough time to steal the cargo?

Or did they pay off the driver to stop the truck so they could steal from it, and then tell him: "Wait, to prove you’re innocent, we’ve got this great story for you to tell…"

So this is highway robbery? Reuters>>
Truck lock pic found at M. Gerwing>>

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