“Is he going or coming?” An optical illusion

"Is he going or coming?" An optical illusion
Is he going or coming? 
To the Ball Park He wends his way
To see the Game on "Bloomer Day."
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Bloomers were loose-fitting trousers for women that allowed them to play sports such as baseball. Bloomer Girl teams, such as the "Boston Bloomer Girls" depicted in this image, traveled the country challenging local teams – here the "local nine" – to a baseball game. Men also played on these teams, sometimes disguised as women, and in later years openly playing as men.

I don’t think this poster is advertising a product as much as showcasing an interesting optical illusion.

Give thanks to the U.S. Government for providing free printable digital files of this optical illusion: Is he going or coming? To the ball park he wends his way to see the game on "bloomer day." Library of Congress>>

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