How to stop disabled parking scams

How to stop disabled parking scams

I read an investigative article in the Chicago Sun-Times about disabled-parking cheaters in Chicago, Illinois. I think I can sum it up for you:

  • Parking costs as much as $5 an hour in downtown Chicago.
  • If you have a handicapped parking placard, you can park all day for free.
  • Some people who are not disabled are using fake, stolen or other people’s placards.
  • The number of people doing this has increased.
  • The fine can be $500 with a 30-day license suspension, but this crime is a low priority for police.
  • It sucks for the disabled who need spots they can’t find.
  • It angers people who follow the law and pay to park.

What to do?

The city of Philadelphia has an answer: stop making disabled parking free. Instead, they offer a one-hour grace period if a parking meter has expired.

Said an official there: "It’s worked very well… We haven’t had any complaints at all about there not being free parking for people with disabilities."

Another solution… vigilante justice:

How to stop disabled parking scams
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– Disabled-parking cheating on the rise in city, but enforcement tough, Chicago Sun Times>>
– Mama Taxi>>

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