How to steal from Angry Bird pirates

How to steal from Angry Bird pirates
Don’t get angry, Angry Birds

The balloons were counterfeit, but there was a genuinely smart response.

One of the makers of the popular Angry Birds mobile games application, Peter Vesterbacka, has said he considers merchandise based on the game to be a huge opportunity. While he was at a conference in Beijing, China, he saw many examples of counterfeit goods at local shops, and when he went on stage he brought out a bundle of counterfeit balloons unlicensed by his company, Rovio Mobile.

Mr. Vesterbacka said he can tell there’s demand for Angry Bird products in China by seeing how much has own brand has been ripped off. He said Angry Birds has become the most copied brand in China, and in part he blames his own company for not getting real products out fast enough. He said they’re working to fix that.

When he finds counterfeit products like the balloons, he doesn’t get angry. He brings them back and tells his guys to copy the counterfeits and make officially licensed products out of them. That’s one of his solutions for handling non-licensed products – pirating the pirates.

Video and article at: With Angry Birds Merchandise, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka Plans To Out Pirate The Pirates, TechCrunch>>

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