Forbidden – colored lights and botcha meat

Forbidden - colored lights and botcha meat
Keeping the palengke deception-free

The government in Marikina, Philippines is trying to stop deceptive practices in their wet markets, known as palengkes, which are open-air markets that sell all types of food:

Colored lamps/bulbs that deceive buyers into thinking that meat and fish being sold are fresh are now banned in all markets of Marikina.

This is in line with Marikina’s Ordinance no. 62, "The Veterinary Code of 2007", Chapter 3 Article 1 Section 11 which states that, "the use of deceiving colored lamp/lights on wet markets within the city is strictly prohibited."

Any vendor caught using using such deceiving lights shall be fined P1,000 (about US $23) and confiscation of the lamp being used.

Meanwhile, the vet office daily monitors and inspects markets all over the city to ensure the quality of the commodities in the market and stop the proliferation of "botcha meats" especially that Christmas season is drawing near.

Botcha meat, also known as double-dead meat or hot meat, is meat that’s taken from an animal that’s already dead when it’s butchered. The meat is not only of poor quality, but can make consumers sick.

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