The feces squirting scam

The feces squirting scam
They squirt the poo on you

A gang of four stole money by trailing people who withdrew money from ATMs. One secretly squirted them with poo, someone else pointed it out, a third person offered to clean it up while another stole their money. I assume they were pickpocketing the victim, but sources don’t say.

But the poop-squirters (who were reported in Toronto, Canada) were much less efficient than the two-member gang scamming foreigners in Delhi, India, where one squirted the poo, and a shoe-shine man pointed it out and offered to clean it off.

Those two were more enterprising. They were merely creative businesspeople providing a solution to your problem, even if it was to a problem they created.

What I want to know is: how common is it to get human poop on your shoes or clothes? Doesn’t it make more sense to squirt a white substance and say it’s bird poop? (That actually is one popular method pickpockets use to legitimately get close to you, touch you, pat you down, and steal your money.)

The scam in Toronto does have one advantage. You get to read the following sentence from the police report on the scam, where it’s reported that police should look out for perpetrators who…

"…could be in possession of squeeze bottles or containers of feces."

– Toronto Police warn of feces squirting scam, Skyscraper City>>
– Seeking Delhi’s ‘phantom squirter’, BBC 4>>

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