Drugging the bridegroom’s family

Drugging the bridegroom's family
"Thums up" is a popular soft drink in India.
Its slogan: ""Taste the thunder!"

Maybe they decided that their previous scheme of kidnapping for ransom was too dangerous.

Two brothers in India ran a wedding scam. They used photos of attractive women from matrimonial websites to advertise for a bridegroom. They weren’t sexist. They also took out newspaper ads looking for brides.

Drugging the bridegroom's family
Her name is Kavya and she is 
looking for a husband.

They would pretend to be intermediates or guardians of the women and find rich families of young people looking to get married. They’d lure the families to the city and transport them to upscale resorts or apartments, which they said they owned. Then they’d provide them free meals.

And soft drinks and food laced with sleeping pills.

When everyone had passed out, the two men, A. Ravi Kumar Reddy and A. Chandrakumar Reddy, stole their valuables.

They must have liked the drugging scheme, since they also used it in their other scam, where they’d befriend a taxi driver, give him drugged food and drink, wait till he was unconscious, and then steal his car.

They were caught.

– Cheating in name of marriage alliances, The Hindu>>
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– The photo is not Kavya. It is of Indian actress Urmila Matondkar.

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