The Wife Who Could Not Keep a Secret

The Wife Who Could Not Keep a Secret
I’m not supposed to tell you, but my husband has a secret…

Once upon a time, long ago, a farmer had a wife who could not keep a secret. One day, he found some buried treasure that he knew didn’t belong to anyone else. But he was afraid that if his wife found out about it, she would talk about it, and someone else would try to claim it.

Unfortunately, his wife did find out, so he decided on a ruse.

He hung a large number of bread rolls in the trees, put a salmon in an animal trap, and placed a fox he had caught in the salmon trap.

His wife found all these strange things – bread rolls hanging from the trees, a fish caught on dry land, and a fox caught underwater.

When a man did come to tell the farmer the treasure was his, the farmer denied he had a treasure.

But his wife talked about her husband finding it. She also talked about the bread rolls hanging in the trees, the fish caught on dry land, and the fox caught underwater.

The farmer exchanged a glance with the man.

And that’s how the farmer got to keep his treasure.

There are many versions of this old folktale about how a clever farmer deceives his wife to prevent her from talking about a treasure. See more versions here: The Wife Who Could Not Keep a Secret, and other folktales of Aarne-Thompson type 1381, D. L. Ashliman’s Folklore and MythologyElectronic Texts>>

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