A wife discovers her husband’s topless photo

A wife discovers her husband’s topless photo
Dan was up to no good with Terri Smith

Let’s say you’re the wife of a guy named Daniel Mooneyham, and you’re both in your late 20s. He’s a youth minister at a local church in a small town in Oklahoma. He also works at a store that sells mobile phones. He’s been stealing cell phones and cell phone cards from his store and selling them on the internet. He’s caught, and although he avoids jail time, he’s ordered to pay over $19,000 in restitution.

As his wife, you might have reason not to completely trust him.

Three years later, you discover he’s set up a secret Facebook account with the fake name "Terri Smith." You see many of the friends on your husband’s Facebook page are young men from your church and from summer youth camps you both attended.

So you create your own Facebook account and pretend to be a teenage boy.

A wife discovers her husband’s topless photo
This is how you spy on your husband’s computer.

You also install a secret piece of hardware on the computer your husband uses. It’s a keylogger, which captures all the keystrokes he types, which gives you the Facebook password for his fake account.

Then you discover what’s he’s doing.

It’s not what you think.

You contact the FBI and they start monitoring his account.

Your husband has been pretending to be an 18-year-old woman named Terri Smith. He found a topless, homemade-looking photo of a woman on the internet, and he pretended it was him. He would send young men "Terri’s" nude photo in exchange for their nude photos.

Some of the young men responded with their own explicit photos. And some of the young men were minors. Your husband said he asked for those photos out of "curiosity."

At the time, he was still involved with your church as a Sunday school teacher, and right before he was arrested, he was planning to attend a church youth camp.

He was trapped by the FBI when he solicited a sexually explicit photo from an undercover agent pretending to be a 15-year old boy.

Your husband told the FBI that he was using them to "live a different
lifestyle, meet guys and for ‘lustful intentions." He said he saw it as a
challenge to get their photos. 

You file for an annulment of your marriage, saying that your husband committed fraud by not disclosing his actual sexuality.

A wife discovers her husband’s topless photo
Your soon-to-be not husband, 
Daniel Leslie Mooneyham

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– Hardware keylogger, Keyllama>>

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  1. I feel sorry for her husbdand’s infidelity. She did the right thing on acting on her intuition. Technology has really helped in shedding light here.

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