Why is this drawing of a fish illegal?

Why is this drawing of a fish illegal?
This coloring book fish 
has led to criminal charges

An inmate at the Maine Correctional Center is in trouble for receiving this fish drawing in a coloring book. Because of this fish and other incidents, the jail now requires that all inmate mail must be sent in white envelopes. And officials must rip off all the stamps before they deliver the mail, and anything written in crayon, or decorated in glitter, or covered in any kind of sticker, is not delivered.

In another jail, three pages of a coloring book with pictures of Snow White and Cinderella that said "To Daddy" on them were also found to be illegal.

Also illegal: certain pairs of shoes, spines of magazines, and clothing. One women’s prison routinely washes and dries in high heat all the clothing sent to inmates, especially sweat pants with drawstrings.


It’s because people are smuggling in Suboxone, a drug with an orange tint used to treat opiate addiction by reducing the effects of drug withdrawal. Smugglers crunch the pills and apply them to objects as a paste.

Of course, Suboxone can also be used to get high while you’re in prison.

Why is this drawing of a fish illegal?
Arnold shows Kathy the new fish tank he wants 
to stock with Suboxone fish when he gets home.

Doesn’t this seem like a losing game? If a pill is reduced to a powder and can’t be detected by drug-sniffing dogs (and I don’t know if Suboxone can be found this way or not) how could you ever keep this out of a prison?

And can’t most pills be smuggled in this way? What about the drug LSD, which can be applied as a liquid and creates hallucinogenic effects in very small amounts?

Here’s why: 1) this drug’s in vogue right now, 2) Suboxone is more easily found outside the prison, and 3) authorities have released information about this to scare the smugglers outside the prison so they won’t consider smuggling it inside the prison.

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