Were Brad Pitt weapons real or fake?

Were Brad Pitt weapons real or fake?
Huge cache of weapons found! 
Handguns, machine guns, 
men wearing black hoods!

This is the kind of headline that public relations people love to see:

"Police seize weapons from Brad Pitt film"

It’s got police, it’s got weapons, it’s got movie star Brad Pitt, it’s about a movie he’s making. Gold!

I think it’s interesting for another reason.

Hungarian officials seized a stockpile of weapons to be used for filming a zombie movie starring Brad Pitt called "World War Z." Weapons experts said the guns had been modified to use blank ammunition, but officials from the Hungarian Anti-Terrorism Center said the guns were not sufficiently modified to ensure they were unable to be fired. Their contention is that the guns were not fake enough, and that removing a single screw could enable some of them to be used as real weapons.

Could the government have been worried about any types of guns entering the country only a few weeks before the October 23rd anniversary of the 1956 uprising against the then-ruling Soviet-backed government?

Did authorities believe the guns might be a true menace if they were stolen and converted into weapons that could fire? Was this a symbolic action showing that the anti-terrorist forces were on the job, even against fake weapons? Or did someone somewhere – despite the fact that the filmmakers said they got official permission to bring these in – make a seriously stupid mistake and confuse real with fake?

– Police seize weapons from Brad Pitt film, Reuters>>
– No props for Mr Pitt: Hungarian anti-terrorist police swoop on cache of 100 LIVE weapons used for Brad’s latest film, Mail Online, UK>>

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