Toilet paper prank leads to death

Toilet paper prank leads to death
Teens were "rolling" these trees

If this wasn’t real, it sounds like the start of a horror film.

One night in October, a 34-year-old Florida firefighter, who had just gotten married in June, heard noises outside his home. Probably thinking burglars were trying to break into a house, he chased them in his Chevy pickup truck, which was pulling an attached trailer.

It may have happened because he was speeding, racing closer to see their license plate number, or because he was on his cell phone, trying to give the number to sheriff’s deputies. It didn’t help that he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. He lost control on a curve and his pickup truck and trailer rolled over, ejecting him from his vehicle. James Luther McRae died at the side of the road.

The four teens he was chasing, from the local high school, were tossing toilet paper rolls into the trees as a prank.

Firefighter Dies In Wreck Chasing Kids That Were Rolling Yards,>>

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