Scaring swimmers with a fake shark fin

Scaring swimmers with a fake shark fin
 Simple technology can often yield maximum results

You may have seen a prank where some trickster is swimming in the ocean with a fake shark fin stuck to his back or head. All the swimmers run out of the water screaming "shark" and the jokester laughs hysterically. But there’s an easier way than pretending to be a shark yourself.

Scaring swimmers with a fake shark fin
Fake shark tech in action

One California surfer discovered an odd thing floating in the water. From a distance it looked like a shark’s fin. But when he got closer, he discovered a contraption like the one above. It was made of two lengths of PVC pipe joined together into a "T" shape, with pieces of fin-shaped wood bolted to one end. When released into the ocean, it floated with the fin pointing above the waves, and realistically imitated the fin of a swimming fish.

However, this fake wasn’t meant to imitate a shark. It was made to imitate a marlin, to prank fisherman at a nearby marlin fishing tournament into thinking there was a big marlin nearby, ready to be hooked. After the tournament was over, all the fakes would be retrieved.

The device the surfer found must have escaped. Maybe it was hoping to float to a beach and perform its own autonomous prank.

– Swami’s fake shark-fin prank may have originated at Catalina, Pete Thomas Outdoors>>
– Fake marlin fin pic found at Ken Dan’s Museum>>

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