An oily fuel oil character

An oily fuel oil character
"Honey, did you notice the name of our new oil company?"

I wonder how some crooks think they’re going to get away with their crimes. A guy in Wisconsin who owned a fuel company decided that after pumping fuel into his customer’s fuel tanks, he would save himself money by pumping some of the fuel out again, right back into his truck.

Yes, those stupid customers are never conscious of how much they’re paying for things.

And, besides shorting his customers, he also falsified invoices. Well of course he did. He obviously was not a very accomplished fraudster. How much could he possibly have stolen? And once he was caught, how could he plausibly deny he was doing it?

He couldn’t. John Rassbach, formerly of Rassbach Oil, was sentenced to 4 years in jail.

Area fuel company owner sentenced for theft, WQOW News 18>>

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One thought on “An oily fuel oil character

  1. You obviously get your information from the newspaper. Talk about deceptology…. know the factual assertion vs opinion or people who are allowed to take advantge of the situation because the prosecution is more interested in compiling a long list of indictments than ensuring fair treatment of all suspects.. the weak crimminal justice system of our country encourages corruption. Know the facts….

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