Man finds hidden 8-year old murder confession

Man finds hidden 8-year old murder confession
 When the power went out he found 
something written inside his electrical box

Joe Miller lived in an apartment in the town of Cheektowaga, outside of Buffalo, New York. One day, his power went out. When he checked the circuit breaker box in his bedroom, the only time he had opened it in the two-and-a-half years he had lived there, he was spooked by what he found.

Written inside the door of the box, in the space that usually tells which room is controlled by which electric breaker, was this note:

I wrote this as my only confession I have commited the ultimate crime against humanity, the taking of another’s life. Under carpet and concrete of the closet to the left lies the remains of a woman by a name I never asked or knew Although I doubt I’ll get caught, I know deep in my heart that to redeem myself in the eyes of god she will have to be found, identified and her family informed Then my sin will washed from my soul.

Pray for her Not Me I have been saved.

The message was signed and dated 8/11/2003, over eight years earlier.

Mr. Miller called police.

Authorities searched his apartment and basement storage locker. They ripped back his closet’s carpeting and investigated underneath the floor with a cadaver dog and an x-ray machine.

That’s until they discovered the former tenant, who admitted – and I’m sure it was a sheepish admission – that he had never killed anyone, and that the message which he did write was an eight-year old hoax, a prank that he had pulled on his roommate.

Mr. Miller said:

"I’m just glad it’s over with, I really am. Like I said, I can get back to normal."

– Homicide note, WIVB>>
– Scrawled note details purported murder, WIVB>>
– Mysterious note was an 8-year-old prank, WIVB>>

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  1. Thanks for the update on this, always wondered how this turned out but couldn’t find anything online about it until this post.

    Cool site, BTW.

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