He made thousands of pantyhose prank calls

He made thousands of pantyhose prank calls
His name is Rip. 
He really likes pantyhose.

A man in Pennsylvania named Rip Alan Swartz made random lewd prank calls around the United States, trying to talk to women about pantyhose. On one day alone, he made 432 calls. He told police that two out of every 100 phone calls resulted in a conversation.

Mr Schwartz likely has some mental health issues.

Some of the news stories about Mr. Swartz portray him as a disgusting pervert who "got his jollies" from the calls. Said Mr. Swartz, who hopes to enter a mental health treatment program:

"I’m definitely ashamed of the whole scenario. I didn’t mean to harm anybody. I just want to do the program and just put this whole scenario behind me and get on with my life, because I definitely messed it up."

He made thousands of pantyhose prank calls
Mr. Swartz, his mugshot

His first mugshot makes him look a bit frightening. Contrast it with the one below.

Mr. Swartz, again

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  1. For what it’s worth, he should be working for australia leggings and tights where he can surely be with a lot of women who likes conversations about pantyhose. That is some sick condition but at least he can earn from it. Just my two cents.

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