He built a video game “cheat machine” with Legos

He built a video game "cheat machine" with Legos
Is it really cheating if how you cheat is more

interesting than playing part of your game?

The Xbox 360 video game Gears of War 3 gives players medals for accomplishing tasks. If you’re interacting with objects enough times in the game, you can earn an award. One player decided to skip all the human interaction with his game controller and built a machine made out of Legos that pressed keys on one object in the game (a piano) 2,000 times:

This hits the ‘X’ button at about 67 times per minute, though I think only about 1/2 of them actually trigger the event. So more like 34 times per minute, 340 times every 10 minutes, about 2,000 per hour.

Game player and Lego builder Guy Himber won his award.

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