A fun Halloween pumpkin prank

A fun Halloween pumpkin prank
 This type of smashing prank involves no creativity.
Bad prank, bad.

Many Halloween pranks involving pumpkins have a bit of hooliganism in them. Pumpkins are stolen and smashed on the road, as if that’s some kind of effective prank. Well, maybe it’s fun for the smashers to smash them, but it’s not effective or funny as a prank. It’s just vandalism.

A much better prank was pulled on Sherri Root and her family in Chico, California in 2010.

They had a wedding in their backyard, and used white pumpkins for decoration. Afterwards they placed the pumpkins along their fence posts.

One day, a pumpkin disappeared. In its place was a rock that said "Gone to pumpkin parlor… be home soon."

A few days later, the white pumpkin returned with a face full of makeup.

Other pumpkins were anonymously decorated as well, including a pirate, princesses, Elvis and more.

The next year, the note on the first pumpkin they placed out said "More pumpkins please."

The family said they will oblige.

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