The fraternity that spoofed a football team

The fraternity that spoofed a football team
The coach running onto the field? 
That’s a student with a pillow
stuffed under his shirt.

The Sigma Nu fraternity football prank:

Sigma Nu members came up with a plan to spoof the Clemson team prior to the big game and received a nod of approval from Carolina coach Marvin Bass.

"He didn’t see anything wrong with it, and we needed his OK to get past the cops and onto the field," said Carroll Gray, now a consultant in Charlotte. "I was sports editor of the Gamecock, and I talked to him on the flight to the Virginia game. After he said all right, I told (fraternity members), ‘Hey, guys, we’re on,’ and it took a life of its own."

The legend still grows. All these years later, memories differ on some specifics, including how violent the scene became after Clemson fans discovered their team had been mocked by "players" who engaged in cow-milking exercises, punting backwards, allowing balls to bounce off helmets and running backs crashing into each other in pre-game "drills."

But there is no doubt the prank succeeded beyond the instigators’ fondest dreams.

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