Fake referee sparks football mayhem

Fake referee sparks football mayhem
This ref, he has no pants

During a football match between the UCLA Bruins and the Arizona Wildcats, a trickster decides to strip off his regular clothes to reveal a fake referee outfit. He runs onto the field blowing a whistle and stops the game.

While the refs are about to huddle, probably wondering why someone blew a whistle, the pseudo-ref strips off a breakaway outfit and sprints around the field as he’s called a "knucklehead" by the announcers. Our prankster gets about 14 seconds of exuberance before he’s tackled by security.

Then, about 38 seconds into the video, a real referee runs to help break up a brawl between the teams, likely sparked by the fact that UCLA was currently losing by 35 points. The fight clears benches, sends hundreds onto the field and leads to two players being ejected.

Arizona eventually beats UCLA 48-12.

The first video focuses on the game and the brawl, and demurely avoids showing any flesh. Our interloper shows up about 13 seconds into the video, entering in the upper right, at the one o’clock position.

UCLA Bruins vs. Arizona Wildcats Game Fan Dressed As Referee Stops Game on ESPN

The next video seems to have been shot by the perpetrator’s friends, who knew what Jace Lankow was going to do. Mute the sound if you don’t want to hear a woman repeatedly saying "Oh my God" as if she can’t believe this is happening, while a man whoops loudly because he knows… this is happening.

Many reports have called him a "streaker", but technically since he only strips down to skimpy white bikini underwear or a swimsuit, I’ll call him a semi-streaker.

U of A vs. UCLA Semi-Streaker 2011

Officials have charged him with the felony of "criminal impersonation", although it’s more likely he’ll get a misdemeanor.

Why did he do it? He said he hoped to be a contestant on the TV show Wipeout and wanted a better answer to their application question "What’s the
craziest thing you’ve ever done?"

Brawl, fake ref highlight "fun" UCLA-Ariz. game, CBS News Sports>>

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