Creating the illusion of a girlfriend

Creating the illusion of a girlfriend
Your cell phone, however, has to be real.

Do you want to pretend you’re going out with someone, but without the hassle of actually finding someone to go out with? Give Fake Girlfriend a try.

Software engineer Ricky Robinett created a site where if you send a text to a number, your "girlfriend" texts back twice and then calls you with a prerecorded message. That way, you can pretend to communicate with her.

Mr. Robinett, in a Rolling Stone magazine interview, says:

Have you been surprised by how many people are using it?
Initially I was under the belief that this was so stupid no one would ever use it. Now I’ve heard lots of people saying they use it… for a variety of reasons — to make a girlfriend jealous, or because you’re just out with the guys, and everyone has a girl, and you’re feeling kind of left out. 

Mr. Robinett, who’s married, does not need the service. In fact, his wife does the fake girlfriend voice.

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