Actress sues Amazon for revealing the truth

Actress sues Amazon for revealing the truth
She does not want to be too old or too young

An actress is suing Amazon, which owns the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) movie site, for revealing her real name and age. She wants one million dollars for exposing the truth.

The unknown actress, who’s of Asian descent and is listed in her complaint as "Jane Doe", says that since her given legal name is hard for Americans to spell and pronounce, she used a fake Americanized name.

She also kept her real age hidden. Since she’s approaching 40, she claims that if her real age were revealed it would hurt her chances of getting work:

In the entertainment industry, youth is king. If one is perceived to be"over-the-hill," i.e., approaching 40, it is nearly impossible for an up-and-coming actress,such as the Plaintiff, to get work as she is thought to have less of an "upside," therefore, casting directors, producers, directors, agents/managers, etc. do not give her the same opportunities, regardless of her appearance or talent.

She claims they obtained the truthful information when she used her credit card to sign up for the premium version of the site, and when she asked them to remove it, they refused.

She says it’s Amazon’s fault that she hasn’t gotten any acting jobs, due to the "double-whammy effect" which says she’s damned for telling the truth because she doesn’t look 40:

Defendants’ actions have had a double-whammy effect on Plaintiff’s livelihood. First, because lesser-known forty-year-old actresses are not in demand in the entertainment business, Plaintiff has suffered a substantial decrease in acting credits, employment opportunities and earnings since Defendants’ addition of Plaintiff’s legal date of birth to the Internet Movie Database. Second, because Plaintiff looks so much younger than her actual age indicates, Plaintiff has experienced rejection in the industry for each "forty-year-old" role for which she has interviewed because she does not and cannot physically portray the role of a forty-year old woman.

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  1. The actress, whose name was revealed to be Huong Hoang (stage name Junie Hoang), lost her case: Actress age claim against IMDb rejected, BBC>>

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