17 deceptive Halloween costumes

17 deceptive Halloween costumes

Headless Marie Antoinette

These are illusion costumes that make people say: "That’s cool! How’d you do that?"

You can make most of these Halloween costumes yourselves, although some might stretch your maker skills. All of them are the types of disguises that fool people, and even if they do figure out how it’s done, sometimes the deception is so strong that, like an effective optical illusion, people can’t help but see the illusion instead of the reality. And what’s better for Halloween?

17 deceptive Halloween costumes

Holding a living severed head

17 deceptive Halloween costumes

A living severed hand instead of a head

Remember, it’s not just about the prop hand, it’s what you do with it. Here’s magician Kevin James performing his severed hand illusion years ago at The Magic Castle:

Kevin James and his Severed Hand

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
For this one to work, I think you must be a woman, 
and you must already be pregnant.

This effect reminds me of the time my wife was pregnant and we showed up at a Halloween party with her in costume as a pregnant nun. The friend hosting the party hadn’t seen us in a while and didn’t know she was expecting, and when he touched her "fake" belly: "Oh God you really are pregnant!"

In this video, kids scream as they’re carried away… by themselves:

Halloween Illusion Costume – One Pretends to Be Two

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
You can see right through this gaping hole illusion.

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
Here’s the secret

The same woman who made the headless Marie Antoinette costume also made her own "hole through body" costume, based on a special effect in the 1992 comedy "Death Becomes Her", where Goldie Hawn gets a hole blasted in her but is still alive.

Death Becomes Her Costume – Hole through body effect

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
This upside down person is both cheap and easy.

And if you have a clown costume you can destroy, and a clown mask, you
can make upside-down clowns, which are even creepier than right-side-up clowns. These clowns walking on their hands are from the 2010 Toronto Santa Claus Parade.

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
Imagine these coming down your street 
in the dark on Halloween night.

And speaking of parades, if you have lots of time, money and creativity, you can try making Zoltar from the 1988 Tom Hanks film Big:

Zoltar At The Mermaid Day Parade 2009

These plastic army man costumes are simpler, if you have an extensive green wardrobe and some green face paint.

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
I like the use of the green plastic fabric 
that shines like, well, plastic.

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
It’s the base that makes this 
plastic army man so deceptive.

If you want to make a homemade costume quickly, I have six words for you: duct tape, duct tape, duct tape. (And a cardboard box, some old clothes and a mask.)

Awesome Homemade Costume

Here’s the same effect, of someone carrying someone else in a box, in a professional costume:

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
Man in cage carried by a gorilla

Here Scott Holden is being carried by a Tauntaun beast in the costume listed on his site under "Incredible Stuff I Made." He’s right.

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
Star Wars Tauntaun costume

Someone in New York made a version of the one person seeming to carry another illusion even more deceptive, and funnier, too (mute the sound):

One of the best Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen!

Finally, here are some more costumes I’ve written about before:

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
Which scary Halloween prop looks
more realistic? Deceptology>>

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
Young Chinese man deceives
airport officials with old white
man mask, Deceptology>>

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
The black and white Santa
illusion, Deceptology>>

17 deceptive Halloween costumes
A realistic fake stone statue costume
from the Dr. Who TV episode
"Blink", Deceptology>>


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