She loved a man who lied (and killed)

She loved a man who lied (and killed)
Robert Upton was not a good boyfriend

It would be bad enough if you discovered your boyfriend was a liar, but what if nothing he told you was the truth? And what if had possibly murdered your sister’s husband?

She wasn’t gullible, but she had her doubts.

She said she wouldn’t date him until he could prove he was divorced, so he showed her fake divorce papers.

He said he used to be a Navy Seal, but there was no concrete proof.

He said he currently worked for the National Security Agency, but his NSA badge had a mispelled word.

She loved a man who lied (and killed)
Erin O’Malley

Yet after his brother Aris Manoloules – who was your sister’s husband – was murdered, she talked:

Erin O’Malley wept lightly, a tissue clutched firmly in her right hand, as she told prosecutors about the man she said fooled her for years.

"I was very distraught, because somebody was dead and I’d been lied to for years," O’Malley said about her state of mind on Oct. 1, 2009, the day she discovered that Robert Upton, the man she’d dated for the past few years, had been charged with murdering a Framingham man…

O’Malley, a popular daytime DJ on Mix 104.1 FM in Boston, has played a key role in the case so far. When police searched her Newton apartment the day her boyfriend was arrested, they came up empty.

A few days later, on Oct. 5, O’Malley said, she had a "gut feeling" the police missed something, and, with the help of her sister, found what appeared to be a gun case and a box of bullets in a brown paper bag leaned up against a box containing a fake Christmas tree.

"This isn’t happening," O’Malley uttered after finding the locked case. "He wouldn’t do this. This isn’t real."

O’Malley said she pried open the case with pliers hoping she’d find nothing inside. Instead, she testified, she found a black Ruger P85 9mm handgun that prosecutors have said her ex-boyfriend had bought hours before he shot Aris Manoloules dead.

"I would give anything to not be involved in this nightmare," O’Malley said, describing her two-year relationship with a man who she said had convinced her he was a divorced well-to-do employee of the National Security Agency.

In reality, prosecutors say Upton was a married, unemployed father who desperately needed money to support the facade he portrayed to O’Malley.

She and Mr. Upton had been planning to get married.

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