She killed her family but not with murder

She killed her family but not with murder
Is Bridgette Buckner sad 
because of all those deaths?

Recently in her life, the 50-year-old Ms. Buckner has experienced  five deaths of people close to her. All three of her children have died, and so have two of her husbands.

She killed all of them to collect $70,000 in insurance money.

Yet she was never charged with murder.

That’s because the children were all fake, and she merely claimed that her husband had died (twice).

She did have fake death certificates for all of them.

However, Ms. Buckner might have created a better fake husband to have falsely done away with. When two security consultants reviewed her insurance claim, they realized that her husband, who she said had been killed in the line of duty as an FBI agent, was not dead.

The consultants were former FBI agents.

Said one of the former agents to the woman’s employer:

"I immediately told her it was nonsense… If someone had been killed in the line of duty, we would have heard of it."

Said the ex-agent about Ms. Buckner:

"She is incredibly believable… When you talk to her, she seems like a nice, sweet lady."

When she was told that her husband was alive and that he was not an FBI agent and that he was merely estranged from her, she seemed "incredulous":

"You mean he’s not dead?"

I don’t know what she said about her fake dead children.

Insurance scam: ‘She killed off the same husband twice’, The Courier-News>>

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