Scam victims converge on one New York building

Scam victims converge on one New York building
 As a sick joke, did fraudsters use the real building named
Camelot because it’s also the name of a fictional castle?

This would ruin anyone’s vacation.

A residential building called the Camelot, near Times Square in New York City, has been used by internet con artists as an address in a con where scammers pretend to rent a room that doesn’t exist to overseas tourists.

Victims use money orders to pay what they assume are legitimate real estate agents, and they arrive in the U. S. with fake contacts.

In the summer of 2010, the building super said over 50 people arrived looking for the room they paid for.

Unfortunately, local police can do nothing, since it’s an overseas crime.

Midtown building caught in Internet scam of overseas tourists, New York Post>>

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