Santana’s optical illusion album cover

Santana's optical illusion album cover
 Santana’s 1969 debut record album

Can you find the numerous hidden faces and other deceptive oddities in the image above? I count at least 12 faces. (Clicking on it will greatly enlarge it for your search.)

The artist, Lee Conklin, created many memorable 1960s psychedelic posters. He adapted the Santana album cover design from a poster he did for a concert starring Steppenwolf, the Grateful Dead and others at Bill Graham’s San Francisco music venue, the Fillmore West.

Santana's optical illusion album cover
 The original optical illusion lion poster

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– Take a look at the artist’s site for more examples of his work: Lee Conklin>>

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2 thoughts on “Santana’s optical illusion album cover

  1. how do you find out what a poster is worth and how would you go about selling if you wanted to?

  2. To find the worth of a poster, try looking at ebay’s completed sales to get a general idea. But I would be careful buying from ebay, since posters are the type of item that’s easily counterfeited, and there are many fakes out there. Try corresponding with someone at a reputable place that sells this kind of art, like Wolfgang’s Vault

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