How to scam a Home Depot

How to scam a Home Depot
Exploit the return desk

Go into a Home Depot (or a Lowes, which also works) and fill up your shopping cart with expensive items. Then, when nobody’s looking, bring the items to the return desk and exchange them for store credit, which you’ll get as a gift card. Then sell the gift cards on Craigslist for 60% of their value. Score!

Of course, you’ll also need some sort of identification to make the fake return, so be sure you have loads of fake driver’s licenses.

And don’t get caught, either, like Jason Novak, who did this scam about 100 times.

Mr. Novak may have stolen $70,000 worth of gift cards.

After a police search of his home, he is wanted on charges of 88 counts of theft by deception, 88 counts of theft by unlawful taking, 88 counts of retail theft, 56 counts of identity theft, 56 counts of forgery, 11 counts of unlawful use of a computer and two counts of criminal use of a communication facility.

Man Accused Of Using Scam 90 Times At Home Improvement Stores, WGAL>
Photo, VCStar>>

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