High school chainsaw prank goes bad

High school chainsaw prank goes bad
"This is what happens when your homework is late!"

Depending on your point of view, this Halloween prank was either done by fun-loving teachers, or idiots.

A teacher told a 15-year old boy at Taunton High School in Massachusetts to answer a knock on the classroom door. When he answered, a teacher appeared, wearing a mask and wielding a chainsaw.

The kid tried to run but fell and fractured his knee. A year later, his parents sued the school over his injuries. The school didn’t identify the teacher involved, but said school insurance might cover the incident.

Comments on the newspaper story pointed out that if a student had done this prank, even if nobody had been injured, all hell would have rained down on that student. They said kids can’t even bring butter knives to school, let alone running chainsaws.

I couldn’t find out if the chainsaw was real or not.

High school chainsaw prank goes bad
In today’s world, a student would be expelled 
for even bringing this to school.

Lessons for any budding pranksters?

Institutionalized pranking is probably a bad idea. If a joke causes an injury, the responsible party should pay up, but get a bureaucracy like a school district involved, and even Leatherface would get bogged down.

– Alleged Taunton teacher prank triggers suit. Parents say son was injured in instructor’s classroom joke, Taunton Daily Gazette>>
– Photo of the character Leatherface is from the end of the original 1974 movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which in my opinion is the best-named horror film of all time.

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