He was a charming lady-killer

He was a charming lady-killer
Twenty-nine year old music teacher Andrew Lindo
could not control his penis.

Here’s a story from the UK about a 29-year-old man who knew what he wanted, and could not stop lying to get it.

Andrew Lindo was living with his fiance, Marie Stewart, and had two children with her. But that didn’t stop him from having sex with many other women.

To win them over, he pretended he was a single parent.

Whenever he had sex at his house, he removed any items that showed he was living with Ms. Stewart.

When two other women he was seeing became suspicious of each other, he lied to each of them and said that it was the other woman who fancied him.

He was also sleeping with a 15-year old student.

When one woman saw his fiance’s web page which said they were living together, he lied and said that that woman was lying because of a custody dispute over their daughter.

Finally, Angela Rylance, who also considered herself his fiancee, wanted to break it off with him. She said he was lying about that woman. Ms. Rylance said she wouldn’t believe him until she could spend the night in his house.

He agreed to have her over.

But what to do about Ms. Stewart, the fiancee he was living with?

He had to come up with a solution.

His solution was to kill her.

So he strangled Ms. Stewart, beat her with a children’s chair, wrapped her head with bubble wrap and stabbed her 12 times.

Then he stuffed her body in a suitcase and put it in the garage.

He texted Ms. Rylance, saying he would be a little late.

After cleaning up the mess, he took his children with him when he drove to pick her up.

They had sex in the same bedroom where he had just killed his fiance.

Later, she moved in with him.

She, of course, knew nothing about any of this.

After Ms. Stewart went missing, he pretended to be her, using text messages and Facebook to act as if she was still alive.

The fake messages said she had left him and was soaking up the sun in a foreign country.

His charade went on for seven weeks, until friends and family got suspicious and police found her body, decomposing in the garage.

Mr. Lindo claimed that he did kill her, but it was only because he had lost control because she had mistreated their daughter.

He said he was not a murderer.

The jury took 55 minutes to convict him.

He was sentenced to 22 years in prison, and showed no emotion when the verdict was read.

‘Cunning, cruel and totally remorseless’: Serial cheat teacher jailed for life after beating his fiancee to death, Daily Mail>>

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