The fatal sand pit prank

The fatal sand pit prank
Police investigate the scene along the Osaki coast 
in Kahoku, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

A woman in Japan, along with six friends, thought it would be funny to dig an eight-foot-deep pit on a sandy beach, cover it with a tarp and sand and surprise her husband as a birthday prank.

She wanted him to fall in the pit, possibly mimicking some of the pranks seen on Japanese TV game shows.

As a protective measure, they placed a mat on the bottom.

At about 10:30 p.m., she brought her husband to the site where ten friends were going to celebrate after he fell in.

When she showed him the pit, they both accidentally fell in headfirst, and half of the pit filled up with sand.

Despite rescue attempts, the two 23-year olds – Hiroki Demura, and his wife Risa Demura – died of suffocation.

– Friends of couple caught in pit called emergency services after own rescue attempt failed, The Mainichi Daily News>>
– Couple dies after falling into pit dug for birthday prank, LiveLeak video>>

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One thought on “The fatal sand pit prank

  1. Setting the prank aside, this incident illustrates the deceptiveness of the "critical angle of repose" in which sand will just naturally form itself into this lethal trap. It’s unintuitive…and devastating…to learn just how widespread this catastrophe really is.

    The following article describes how, after witnessing two such incidents, Dr. Bradley Maron turned up dozens of additional cases:

    Antlion larvae exploit this snare other insects in sand traps. It builds what looks like a harmless sand pit, but a passing insect will be caught up in an avalanche and eaten by the antlion larva.

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