Deceive people by duplicating yourself

Deceive people by duplicating yourself
 If there are too many duplicates, you won’t find the original.
(It’s hard to know the true Waldo in a land of Waldoes.)

An associate editor at The Atlantic magazine, Conor Friedersdorf, wrote a short piece wondering whether, in the future, people who want to remove incriminating evidence about themselves from the internet will resort to creating fake information, or in his words, to "strategically add more content to the cloud as an elaborate diversion:" He predicts that:

"…folks will be very careful about aspects of their online identity that can’t easily be explained away, like posts to their own Facebook account. But the reality of their presence on the wider Web will be obscured by the deception of adding false content, paying someone to do it for them, or even joining an activist movement that puts out false information about everyone so that anyone can plausibly claim, "Nope, it may seem like I wrote that, or was photographed there, but not really — it was that pesky activist group, I’m sure you know how it is."

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