The 10 most visited Deceptology posts

The 10 most visited Deceptology posts
They got the biggest audience

What are the most visited posts of all time (up until now) on Deceptology? (Technically these are the ones with the most pageviews, but I’m just going to call them the posts with the biggest audience.)

Counting down from 10 to 1…

10. Young Chinese man deceives airport officials with old white man mask>>

The story of a guy who proves that a Mission Impossible-style full-face mask actually can fool somebody in the real world.

9. Can you find Vincent Price in a pile of leaves? (An optical illusion)>>

I created this optical illusion myself, but that is not why it got so many hits. It was featured and linked to by the blog Mighty Optical Illusions.

8. Teaching kids about false advertising with summertime kiddie pools>>

I expanded on the fraudulent nature of vinyl pool advertising, which I first saw mentioned in Boing Boing. Again, a link – from Reddit, I think – bumped up the views.

The 10 most visited Deceptology posts
Exploit that naked Escher

7. A naked version of M. C. Escher’s optical illusion – a nude descending and ascending a staircase>>

Here I admit it – I was trying to see if I could get lots of views with my shameless headline, which combined the phrases "M. C. Escher" and "optical illusion" with the word "naked."  Still, it is a cool photograph.

6. The ultimate artificial sex toy – a Real Doll>>

Funny, I wasn’t trying to snag viewers with this headline. I actually thought the short documentary on how they made these fake dolls was creepy and fascinating. Of course, since it was also about sex dolls, it got a lot of hits. It seems many people search for the phrase "Real Dolls." I was getting embarrassed because for a long time it always appeared as the most popular post.

The 10 most visited Deceptology posts
  This is a more chaste version 
of an "Ingagi" advertisement

5. Did naked women have sex with gorillas in this popular 1930’s film?>>

I discovered a weird history about a forgotten movie called Ingagi. And yes, I used the words "naked" and "sex" in the headline again…

4. Undercover panties used for secret surveillance>>

This feminist prank was done years ago, and it still gets lots of interest. I’d say if you want to do a prank that lasts, make sure it involves something sexual.

The 10 most visited Deceptology posts
 Surprisingly, a Playboy 
photo shoot made the top ten

3. What do women fake less than men?>>

Ironically, right after the feminist prank is the naked female German soccer team from Playboy magazine. Once I discovered that "female" and "soccer" were linked by this photo, I had to use it to illustrate my story about females versus males faking injuries in soccer, although for some reason, I think people were searching more for "Playboy German soccer" than "deceptive sports injuries."

2. Upside down world map shows "North is Up" is not "the truth">>

I never would have guessed that this post, with words quoted wholesale from The Straight Dope, would have been so popular. I think it’s because searching for "upside down world map" as an image brings this one right near the top of the search results.

And finally, at number one:

The 10 most visited Deceptology posts
"I see a horrible witch…"

1. Old woman / young lady optical illusion… now on video>>

This post shows the classic ambiguous optical illusion of the old woman / young woman, and pairs it with an amusing optical illusion girlfriend video I found on the site CollegeHumor.  It isn’t even directly about sex, although it does feature a pretty woman (along with a "horrible witch.")

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