You can’t fool Norman Bates

You can't fool Norman Bates
"She might have fooled me, but she didn’t 
fool my mother."  – Norman Bates

In this scene from Hitchcock’s film Psycho, a private detective thinks he’s caught Norman Bates in a lie. He has, but the lie goes much deeper than the detective realizes.

Arbogast: Is anyone at home?
Norman: No.
Arbogast: Who is? There’s somebody sitting up in the window.
Norman: No, no, no there isn’t.
Arbogast: Oh sure, go ahead, take a look.
Norman (stumbling terribly on the words): Oh, oh, that, that must be my mother. She’s, she’s uh, an inv-invalid. Uh, it’s, ah, practically like living alone.
Arbogast: Oh, I see. Well, now if this, uh girl, Marion Crane were here, you wouldn’t be hiding her, would ya?
Norman: No.
Arbogast: Not even if she paid you well?
Norman: No, ha, ha.
Arbogast: (in a provoking tone) Let’s just say for the uh, just for the sake of argument that she wanted you to, uh, gallantly protect her. You’d know that you were being used. You wouldn’t be made a fool of, would ya?
Norman (angrily): But, I’m, I’m not a fool. And I’m not capable of being fooled. Not even by a woman.
Arbogast: Well, this is not a slur on your manhood. I’m sorry…
Norman: Let’s put it this way. She might have fooled me, but she didn’t fool my mother.
Arbogast: Oh, then your mother met her. Could I, could I talk to your mother?
Norman: No, as I told you, she’s, she’s confined.
Arbogast: Yes, well, just for a few minutes, that’s all. There might be some hint that you missed out on. You know, sick old women are usually pretty sharp…

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