Wartime lies of Libya

Wartime lies of Libya
 Truth is reflected in many ways during a war…

…and more so in Libya:

Truth was first a casualty in Libya well before this war began, and the war has not improved matters at all, on any side…

Information, or rather truthful information, is often difficult to come by in any war zone. Disinformation is a powerful tool that can be used to mislead the enemy, hide tactics, instigate fear or win public support. There is also the fog of war, the confusion in communications and the chaos of the battlefield that can obscure any objective understanding.

But in Libya, with so many competing factions and overlapping agendas Qaddafi loyalists, competing tribes, western guerrillas, eastern rebels, NATO allies
all of that is true, to an exceptional degree.

READ: Waves of Disinformation and Confusion Swamp the Truth in Libya, The New York Times>> 
– Cropped photo taken by Moises Saman

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