This terrorism expert was a great storyteller

This terrorism expert was a great storyteller
 William Hillar as a Green Beret

William Hillar was a U. S. Army special forces veteran and terrorism expert. He taught classes for the FBI, the U. S. Army and others.

In his lectures, he would somtimes recount a horrifying story: his own daughter was kidnapped and forced to become a sex slave, then tortured before being hacked to death and thrown into the ocean. Her murder was the basis for the 2008 movie "Taken."

Mr Hillar had a PhD from the University of Oregon. He was also experienced in "tactical counter-terrorism, explosive ordnance, emergency medicine, and psychological warfare."

He was also a liar:

"William G. Hillar claimed that he had earned praise as a hero, but the truth is that he deserves condemnation as a liar," said US Attorney Rod Rosenstein… "He did not serve in the US Army, did not receive military training in counter-terrorism and psychological warfare, and did not lose his daughter to sex traffickers."

Mr. Hillar, whose daughter is alive and well, was sentenced to 21 months in prison and must pay $171,000 in restitution. He had fraudulently posed as an expert for 12 years.

His story began to be fall apart after a veteran emailed other members of the Special Forces, wondering if anyone had heard of him since there were very few colonels during the period when Mr. Hillar said he had served.

This terrorism expert was a great storyteller
 John Wayne as a Green Beret figure
from Sideshow Collectables. In the 1968 
movie "The Green Berets, Mr. Wayne played 
the part of Colonel Mike Kirby.

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