Practical jokes in baseball

Practical jokes in baseball
One classic baseball prank involves an orange.

Baseball’s Pastime: Pranking, from The Wall Street Journal:

Baseball pranks are a tradition nearly as old as the game itself. They run the gamut from innocent to extreme, a usually unseen facet of baseball that remains an essential thread in the sport’s fabric. "Listen, the game’s predicated on failure," Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Casey McGehee said. "If you can’t laugh at yourself and enjoy yourself with teammates, it can be a long season."

Pranks come packaged with their own set of guidelinesprank etiquette, so to speak. For example, McGehee emphasized an important rule of thumb: Never mess with someone who has considerably more resources than you do. By resources, McGehee meant time and money. Starting pitchers are notorious pranksters because they often have both. "If you’re making the league minimum and go after someone with a huge contract, it’s really not a tree that you want to go barking up," McGehee said.

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– Orange baseball image is from Worth 1000>>

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