Now YOU can commit medical insurance fraud!

Now YOU can commit medical insurance fraud!Pay people to be your fake patients, do an unnecessary surgery, and then send the insurance company a big bill!
If you’re a doctor who performs cosmetic surgery, and you want to make the big bucks, the best way to do it is to defraud insurance companies.

But to do that, you need patients.

Yet you don’t want to wait for real patients to slowly trickle into your office. You need no-fuss patients, and you need them now!

What should you do?

You need to get yourself some "cappers," or professional patient recruiters. These guys are the experts at recruiting healthy patients from all over the country.

A polished capper will find someone to pretend to be a sick patient who’s willing to let you operate on them in exchange for money.

Then you bill their insurance company for the big bucks!

Tell your cappers to offer these fake patients between $300 and $1,000. That’s the going rate for an unnecessary operation.

(And if you don’t want to pay cash, offer to give them some low-cost cosmetic surgery such as a tummy tuck, or give them a credit for some future plastic surgery.)

The best thing about recruiting healthy patients is that they’re healthy, so there will rarely be any complications. Just make sure they’ve got good insurance. (The best plan is a PPO.)

Your cappers don’t need to have medical training, either, as long as they know how to sell. Pay your cappers by commission, just like regular salespeople, and you’ll get excellent results.

Make sure your cappers know how to coach your fake patients on what to say so their ailments seem real. It’s also good to have patients sign a document where they swear they haven’t received compensation for coming to your clinic.

What are some unnecessary procedures clinics have performed in the past? Colonoscopies, hysterectomies, cyst removal, treating sweaty palms and hemorrhoids, tubal ligations, vaginal wall repairs, and hysterectomy procedures, to name a few.

We know one clinic alone that made over $154 million by operating on 2,841 healthy people!

So follow these guidelines, and you too can win by defrauding!

– Doctor pleads guilty to 40 felony counts of fraud. Prosecutors say $154-million Unity case is the largest medical fraud prosecution in the nation. The Orange County Register>>
– Capper Pleading Guilty In the Largest Medical Insurance Fraud Case In the Nation May Be Sentenced To 20 Years – Issued By the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, State of California Franchise Tax Board>>

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