James O’Keefe – the unmerry prankster

James O'Keefe - the unmerry prankster
Is he deceptive depending on what side you’re on?

He describes himself as a radical, but James O’Keefe is notorious as a conservative political prankster. His undercover hidden camera videos have attacked corruption at Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio and ACORN, a community-based organization that advocated for issues important to lower-income people. Some have categorized him as a conservative Michael Moore or Abbie Hoffman, someone who uses tactics no different than other investigative journalists. Others believe he’s a biased con-man funded by the right-wing, who edits his undercover videos to promote a conservative political agenda.

A profile in The New York Times says:

O’Keefe’s stings, marked by outlandish costumes and outrageous stories, are as much theater as political statement. But there is nothing of the merry prankster about him. He is a worrier, with the bitten-down fingernails to prove it. He has a keen eye for the absurdity and hypocrisy of others, but it is unmatched by self-deprecating humor or a discernible sense of fun.

Is O’Keefe no different than journalists from the TV news show 60 Minutes, or, as NPR journalist Bob Garfield has said:

If your journalistic technique is the lie, why should we believe anything you have to say?

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