How to fool court-ordered monitoring equipment

How to fool court-ordered monitoring equipment
It only works for some of us.
(This Lego pirate is a clue.)

Because of offenses involving drugs, driving and a weapon, Christopher Lowcock had to wear a court-ordered monitoring device on his leg so authorities could monitor his movements. Before it was attached, Mr. Lowcock wrapped his leg in bandages. Why? He was attempting to fool the security firm into tagging his prosthetic leg.

He was successful.

When managers became suspicious and checked up on him, he likely showed them his leg and said something along the lines of: "See, here it is, right around my ankle!"

His subterfuge was eventually discovered, and the employees who tagged and checked up on his fake leg were fired.
– G4S staff sacked for tagging offender’s false leg – Man tricked security firm employees by wrapping prosthetic limb in bandage, allowing him to remove it and flout court curfew, The Guardian>>
– Hector Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lego>>

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