How do police discover the truth about a rape?

How do police discover the truth about a rape?
 Detectives from the NYPD Special 
Victims Division investigate sex crimes.

The NYPD Special Victims Division investigates sex crimes, and they’re the ones who must determine who’s more credible. Is the victim really a victim, or is someone making a false accusation? Is the accused innocent, or are they actually a rapist?

Their daily ration of cases are called, oddly, "the daily unusuals." But they’re not unusual at all: they’re a chronicle of brutal perversion and coy deception, unspeakable violence, and damning self-delusion. Some make headlines for their horror…

Sandomir says that when he interviews a victim he tells her, "Let’s play a game: you are a camcorder." He’s looking for a minute-by-minute, even second-by-second, account of the location, the sex acts, and not only the attacker’s appearance, but his smellof alcohol, of dirt, of cologne, of anything that can be used as a clue. Along with the details come contradictions, and over repeated interviews the anomalies multiply if the subject is lying…

To Catch a Creep – How do you know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth about a rape? From no-name scoundrels to big-power suspects like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, these cops crack New York’s most shocking sex crimes. The Daily Beast, Newsweek>>

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