He forged documents to do good

He forged documents to do good
Forger Adolfo Kaminsky in his photo lab in 1947
During the war, he felt his studio was like
"a production line at a fate factory."

Deception is not only for entertainment or conning people out of money. It also saves lives:

Kaminsky forged his first passport at the tender age of 18. By the time he turned 20, he was working for secret agents; at 42, he was aiding revolutionaries. He has had too many aliases to remember. In fact, there were times when he’d change his name and address every three months. Though police around the world wanted to arrest him, they never tracked him down…

Adolfo Kaminsky was a forger and counterfeiter for purely humanitarian reasons. During World War II, he produced amazingly authentic-looking blank passports that saved many Jews from certain death. Later, he provided left-wing underground organizations with stacks of fake identifications papers. His family was kept completely in the dark about these activities…

Adolfo Kaminsky had originally wanted to be an artist. "In 1944, when I forged my first passport," he says with a faltering voice, "I had no idea this would be the beginning of a long career as a forger."

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