A faudulent breast cancer charity

A faudulent breast cancer charity
Mindy and David gave only to themselves.

Sometimes, an official document can tell us what we need to know about a fraud. Take the case of the married couple David and Mindy Winston, and their three adult children, Joshua, Rachael and Rebecca. Read the state’s complaint:

This is a case of outright fraud on the public. Defendants, led by the Winstons, swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from New Yorkers on the false pretense that the monies raised will help a charitable organization detect, treat, and fight breast cancer. No charity exists, however, and Defendants’ entire enterprise is a sham. All of the funds raised for breast cancer causes are used instead to finance vacations and shopping sprees, expensive restaurants, and other personal expenses, in flagrant violation of New York State law.

Defendants employ a variety of devices to conduct their fraud.

First, using the twin vehicles of CBCC, a sham not-for-profit corporation controlled by the Winstons, and Resource Center, a rogue for-profit fundraising firm owned by the Winstons. Defendants induce compassionate New Yorkers to donate to CBCC by falsely stating that donations will be used to fight breast cancer.

Second, Defendants further induce donations by sending fake pledge invoices to New Yorkers, purporting to "remind" them of pledges they have never made.

Third, after obtaining credit and debit card numbers via solicitations and other means, Defendants have caused repeated, unauthorized charges to victims’ credit and debit card accounts, continuing even after victims demand a stop to the practice and reversal of charges.

Of course, the document states that none of their fake charities is tax exempt. And finally:

None of the hundreds of thousands of dollars Defendants have collected since 2008 has been used to support the fight against breast cancer or any other charitable cause.

Both David and Mindy pleaded guilty to felonies.

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