“Did that camera just poop on our car?”

"Did that camera just poop on our car?"
The bird house that’s a fake speed camera.

A retired man in a small English town wanted to slow down speeding motorists. His solution? He made a birdhouse that imitates the look of a camera that catches speeding motorists, and suspended it near his road. Ian Magee, 63, said the fake took him a week to make, and the hardest part was finding the right shade of paint.

Speeding has been reduced, but local authorities say the fake camera might violate planning rules and need to be taken down.

Nature might have the final say, however. Mr. Magee thinks Pipistrelle bats might be starting to nest in the box. They are a protected species and, once they nest, cannot be removed.

"Did that camera just poop on our car?"
 The speed camera in action.

"Did that camera just poop on our car?"
An actual speed camera in the UK.

– ‘Speed camera’ is a ‘bird box’, West Somerset Free Press>>
– Pensioner ordered to take down fake speed camera from outside his home…. although he claims it’s a bird box! Daily Mail>>

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