A deadly prank with a stop sign

A deadly prank with a stop sign
The result of the prank was likely not what they expected.

Two teenagers decided it would be funny to cover a stop sign in plastic wrap. They even bragged about it on their Facebook page.

Then at four in the afternoon on a road in Circleville, Ohio, an 80-year-old woman named Jeanne Shea drove through the intersection without stopping. Another car smashed into her. The passenger, her 85-year-old sister Mary Spangler, was killed, and Ms. Shea may have to have her leg amputated.

The young men, Derek W. Greenlee, 18, and Seth R. Stonerock, 19, were found after people read their Facebook posts and reported them to the police. They were further implicated by a Walmart surveillance video that showed them buying plastic wrap.

The news stories don’t adequately explain why they did the prank, or what they imagined the consequences were going to be.

They were charged with manslaughter.

– Stop-sign prank turns deadly, is traced to pair via Facebook; The Columbus Dispatch>>
– Teens Who Allegedly Put Cellophane On Stop Sign Charged In Fatal Wreck, 10TV.com>>

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