Carjacking for Batman

Carjacking for Batman
The suspect was not driving this homemade Batmobile.

A man in Pittsburgh wearing a black and gold tank top tried to carjack another man’s Chevrolet Impala.

The carjacker’s first mistake? The car’s owner was a plainclothes police detective, who pulled out his gun and arrested him.

His second mistake? The man said he was just filming the new Batman movie, and taking the car was part of the script.

His third mistake? The police detective was searching for a suspect for another crime, and the man turned out to be that subject.

Micah Calamosca, 21, was arrested and charged with two crimes.

The Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises had been filming about 250 miles away.

Cop: Would-Be Carjacker In Unmarked Car Used Batman Story – Pittsburgh Detective Says Man Tried To Take His Car In Shadyside, Pittsburg, MSNBC>>
(The identity of the homemade Batmobile maker is unknown.)

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