The boxer shorts graduation prank

The boxer shorts graduation prank
Wait, that’s not proper attire for a student!

A high school honors student from Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina was banned from school grounds after he dropped his pants during his graduation ceremony.

Nicholas de la Canal used Velcro and his theater training to rig his clothing to expose a pair of polka-dot boxer shorts. First his pants fell to his ankles, and then, when he bent over to pick them up, the back of his graduation gown split open.

After his stunt he was escorted from the stage.

Mr. de la Canal had previously sparred with school administrators when they banned him from performing a musical that made fun of school faculty.

The boxer shorts graduation prank
Said Mr. de la Canal:
"After 13 years enduring 
CMS, that just made everything 
worth it… I think I’m getting a 
pretty goofy punishment, 
but I guess having worked 
with these people before, 
I shouldn’t be too surprised."

School officials withheld his diploma following the incident.

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