Bad psychics found by Operation Crystal Ball

Bad psychics found by Operation Crystal Ball
 This actress pretends to make you believe.

Some believe all psychics are scammers deceiving gullible victims. Others look at psychics as theater, or spirituality, or maybe as a type of therapy.

But you know it’s bad when even other psychics are against you.

Take the case of the Marks family. Usually, a "mark" is a victim of a con game. In this case, the Marks were the ones doing the conning. Multiple members of the Marks family were arrested for pulling a psychic con game.

(For the record, it was Rose, Rosie, Vivian, Michael, Nancy and Ricky Marks, as well as Donnie Eli and Cynthia Miller. But many family of the family members used fake names, so…) 

Police nabbed them during "Operation Crystal Ball," and charged them with conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

The psychic con-artists are charged with cheating people out of $40 million since 1991 by using Tarot cards, palm readings, astrology and numerology to convince their victims that money is the root of all evil. They specialized in frightening people by telling their clients:

"…they and their family members or friends would contract terrible diseases, suffer horrible financial hardships, and endure terrible catastrophes, and that loved ones who were already sick would not recover, and that their lives would remain haunted by evil spirits if they did not cleanse their money of those evil spirits."

Two specific cons:

A woman was told to buy a Cartier watch and give it to the psychic to "turn back time" and bring her love. The watch was never returned. (This is almost identical to my earlier Deceptology post about another Florida con artist: Sending demons to hell? Please return the Rolex>>)

Another victim said they were hearing voices due to extreme stress. The cure was that the psychic must speak with Michael the Archangel. The cost for the conversation? $400,000 in gold coins.

Even Florida psychic Joseph LoBrutto III said it’s a scam:

"The big red flag is keeping you coming back. It should be just that one reading… And if they say it’s a curse or a hex, there’s no such thing. Walk out."

– Florida Fortune Telling Family Allegedly Swindled $40 Million from Victims, ABC News>>
– Photo of actress Pauline Frederick and a crystal ball found via Retro Jim’s Retro Miscellanea>>
– Link found thanks to the fake psychic sniffing abilities of magician Gregg Tobo>>

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